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"I purchased 25 Icelandic Chicks from David. All arrived healthy and in an excellent shipping box. He chose a nice variety of colors for me. If you are considering Icelandic Chickens I would highly recommend Whippoorwill Farm   -Jonathan

"Nicest seller of chickens that I have met. The area where the chickens are kept is so beautiful and well maintained. I'm so honored and thankful to have a chance to have Icelandic chickens.

Thank you!!!!! -Gina                                                                                                                                              


"Received my hatching eggs today as scheduled. Excellent wrapping and zero breakage. Thanks David for working with me on getting my flock of Icelandics started!"  -Jeff



"I purchased 25 day old chicks shipped to Colrado. All arrived healthy and happy, very pleased. not a single lost chick."  -Hannah




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Celebrating 18 Years of Preservation! 

Our Flock of  Landnámshænan

"If you are looking for Icelandic chickens in northern Wisconsin this place is nothing less than outstanding and there should be a 1 to 10 star rating with this place being in at 11"  -Michael